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These are the three cardinal points that can be identified in the genetic make up of the Livornian people. The first is “Torta” (a savoury pancake) with a capital T and not “cecìna” (another name for the pancake). The Livornian one is noted for its mix of water, oil and chickpea flour, left to stand for a precise period of time and then baked in a really hot wood burning oven until a jaggy crust forms on the top, where the black peppercorns rest awaiting for the first bite that we can define without fear of betrayal as “memorable.”

The flavours that mix together give back the right mix of crispiness and softness thanks to a possible choice of two: The “French loaf” cum grano salis (with a grain of salt) on the top of the loaf, or the more softer “schiacciatina” (a flat bread similar to focaccia) and here the world comes to an end along with a glass of “Spuma Bianca”(a clear fizzy soft drink) thus correctly closing the matter in hand.