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Cacciucco Pride

Cacciucco Pride is the first real gastronomical event in the city of Livorno, it’s true and own festival that celebrates and values it’s symbol dish, the one that best expresses the Livornese essence and held in June. Il Cacciucco (with 5-five “C”) is in the DNA of the “homus labronicus” in the sense that this gang is made up of a series of ingredients, the main emphasis is the toasted bread rubbed with garlic, chilli peppers and tomatoes to finish it all off.

It is not so much the dish, loved and hated, but more the being all together, laughing and joking and making fun of one another over everything. It is not so much the “what you do” but the “who is there” that acts as an adhesive to the event. To exhibit yourself, to be seen, to put yourself on display, this is the true Livornian Orgoglio (pride), to be understood better by others, the word “Pride” is translated from orgoglio. But I can guarantee that it’s a lot more than just a simple “Cacciucco”.