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The tastes

Il Cacciucco

Il Cacciucco (fish soup) is the prince of dishes from the Livornian kitchen. Let’s say that if it’s made really well, it is quite pricey, one can back it up with a glass of strong rough red wine which doesn’t constitute a sin, on the

The ”Livornian Ponce”

The “Livornian Ponce” is made up of seven things: A glass for drinking shots (must be glass) with a thick base (it’s hot!) two teaspoons of sugar, a thin slice of lemon peel cut into a triangular shape (nicknamed the sail) Livornese style rum, cognac


These are the three cardinal points that can be identified in the genetic make up of the Livornian people. The first is “Torta” (a savoury pancake) with a capital T and not “cecìna” (another name for the pancake). The Livornian one is noted for its