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What to do

Mascagni Festival

Arriving in Livorno you will also have the pleasure of listening to the music of Mascagni in the places that inspired it. It is not possible to listen to the barcarola of the second act of Silvano without thinking about the reflections of the moon

Effetto Venezia

Until halfway through the 1980s the Venice district was a borderline area: The presence of the Domenicans’ prison, the damaged buildings from WW2, made it impossible to attract Livornians to take up residence. The idea was “to dress it up for a party” for a

Cacciucco Pride

Cacciucco Pride is the first real gastronomical event in the city of Livorno, it’s true and own festival that celebrates and values it’s symbol dish, the one that best expresses the Livornese essence and held in June. Il Cacciucco (with 5-five “C”) is in the

Le Gare Remiere

The “gozzo” (rowing skiff) is a 9.25 meter long 2.45 meter wide boat made of cedar wood weighing 600 kg, and propelled by the explosive force of ten rowers. When it’s sailing well, it receives a forward shock that makes it fly lightly on the