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Effetto Venezia

Until halfway through the 1980s the Venice district was a borderline area: The presence of the Domenicans’ prison, the damaged buildings from WW2, made it impossible to attract Livornians to take up residence. The idea was “to dress it up for a party” for a few days during August, and from that moment the winning path to the “Effetto Venezia” started.

Today the neighbourhood is the city’s flower in the buttonhole, the scenery has changed: craft stalls and antique stalls, performances and refreshments. But it’s the people, the Livornese people that make the difference, who for the occasion express their identities and truthfulness, that makes the difference: it’s the time to show it’s beauty to all the foreigners, the seduction of this neighbourhood that hides a corner of paradise in every little crevice.

The canals are the main water roads of the event, the file rouge that ties the district to the history, the unique and true history of this city, which always has something more than other Tuscan cities, but also something less.