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Il Cacciucco

Il Cacciucco (fish soup) is the prince of dishes from the Livornian kitchen. Let’s say that if it’s made really well, it is quite pricey, one can back it up with a glass of strong rough red wine which doesn’t constitute a sin, on the contrary it helps. Although asked for daily it’s not possible to fit it into the restaurants’ menus every day, in fact a set day is dedicated to it.

And another thing: it’s not easy to cook nor eat. Its origins are of meager Levantine memory: Turkish or thereabouts, and it is the dish that best represents the Livornese bunch: A blend of different ingredients with diverse cooking times (and cultures) different yet so nicely amalgamated together in a single bowl, unique and thrilling. Fish, crispy bread, garlic, tomato, chillies and fish bones, lots of fish bones, that could become a mammoth task for outsiders but so be it, otherwise one can go and eat a dull and boneless fish soup somewhere else lacking in love and passion.