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Fattori Museum and Mimbelli house and grounds

Heading down the road that leads to the ancient church of San Jacopo (Saint James) is Villa Mimbelli, which since 1994 has been the seat of the Civic Museum, where a rich and precious typically Livornian collection is housed.

In Primis we stumble across the purely romantic style of Enrico Pollastrini, we then move on to the works of other artists such as Corcos, Nomellini, Liegi ending with the great Maestro Giovanni Fattori, founder of an innovative style. His way of filling the canvas with tones, colours and light by abolishing the contour line has been revolutionary and has given back the most intimate and truest sensation of the nature of our sea and our hills. Dulcis in fundo, a picture by Amedeo Modigliani.

Between 1865 and 1875, architect Vincenzo Micheli built the villa on commission from the wealthy merchant Francesco Mimbelli. It was customary among wealthy merchants to build one or more dwellings in the city and on the adjacent hills, and to contribute to the enrichment of their gardens with precious and exotic plants to be shown as travel trophies, as symbols of power and wealth. At the end of the 19th century Villa Mimbelli is a jewel that fits into an agricultural but extremely rich and productive “urban” area. The garden, with its luxuriant plants of romantic inspiration, preserves an outdoor theatre; the Villa with its refined frescoed rooms, hosts a fine staircase decorated with putti in glazed porcelain. They both truely deserve a more than careful visit.