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Mascagni Festival

Arriving in Livorno you will also have the pleasure of listening to the music of Mascagni in the places that inspired it. It is not possible to listen to the barcarola of the second act of Silvano without thinking about the reflections of the moon in a clear night on the promenade of Livorno. The sea and the wind of the city can be felt in many Mascagni’s pages, from the symphony Le Maschere, moved by the gusts of the libeccio, to the second act of Parisina, with the songs of the sailors, and the finale of Piccolo Marat, where a sail closes the opera with the notes of Hope and Freedom.

Then you can find the Santuario di Montenero, the sanctuary to which Mascagni dedicated a typical local choral page, the Viale di Antignano, the avenue where Mascagli lived in a villa from 1914 to 1940, and the Goldoni theatre, his theatre, in the heart of the city, where he performed among the enthusiasm of the public and where his music still resonates today. And last, but not least, in Livorno there are Mascagni’s fellow-citizens, his people, animated by the same generosity, the same liveliness, the same character that was typical of the composer.

The Mascagni Festival will be held from September 9 to 19 at Terrazza Mascagni an evocative place on the promenade dedicated to the composer, after a preview scheduled for August 2 in the historic Fortezza Nuova in Livorno.