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Moats in Livorno

A ditch was dug around the city and filled with seawater; these are the moats in Livorno, a deep scratch around the city providing protection. At a glance the city is made up of layers: The water where the cellars and warehouses look onto, above them are the roads and higher still the buildings where the people live.

A place that every Livornian knows but only a very few actually really know. The little they do know is because one goes out in a boat on a Sunday wearing swimwear and looks around and points out with a finger to show the people on board the things that he or she presumes that they don’t know. Apparently a still and calm spot, but truly ever changing every hour with every tide and glow with winds piercing through, charged with an unpredictable strength.

Yet the city’s history starts right here, from the moats, from the defensive fortresses, from the commercial warehouses, from the tunnel bridges that have marked the time of the transformation from village to city.