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The Mascagni Terrace

The Terrace is the most charming of the “nobili interrompimenti” * along the Livornian seafront. With your back to the Marina Luigi Orlando, the first historic bathing resorts start to appear. They were built towards the end of the 18th century, around the dawning of the bathing fashion. Where the resorts come to an end, here the terrace opens up. The most elegant and noble checkerboard that could have ever been imagined and built along the seafront. The Mascagni Terrace was constructed in the early 20th century on an open space known as the cavalry ground, which later on even hosted a funfair.

A bird’s eye view of the Terrace won’t be enough to show its full beauty and harmony. One needs to step up on it, and walk on this checkered black and white part of the world, which is able to catch all hues of light only to reinstate to the lucky few a simpler elegance of black and white. Admiring the sun set on a hot summer’s eve means living a unique experience, built up of warmth, colours, wind and sea. And when the sun does set, its colours spread like a deafening noise leaving you in awe for a few seconds, floating in suspended time. An experience, which on its own, is enough to warrant a stay in the city.

*Nobili Interrompimenti (Noble interruptions) refers to the construction of “Palazzo Grande“ (Great Palace), after WW2, that now splits the “Piazza Grande” (Great Square) slap bang down the middle. The word noble interruption is used metaphorically.