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The Medicean Port

Coming straight down Via Grande (Great Street) passing Colonnella Square and leaving behind you the statue of the four Moores, chained up by Ferdinand 1st, one goes by the French bridge (ex bridge of sighs) to get to the Andana degli Anelli steps: a gallery built in a semicircle so one can sit down whilst watching the port and the sunset. Here in the XVI century the Medici family decided to transform the first village of Livorno into the first port in Tuscany and from that moment everything changed into a building site under an open sky, a gigantic task that involved the efforts of slaves, forced labourers and peasants.

What was a small natural inlet soon became the first dock, later to become the new dock pushing out to the horizon with its Medicean wharf; an ample breakwater towards the lighthouse able to contain large commercial sailboats full of rich and precious goods. Here imaginations are coloured with sounds and shades, of mixed languages in this free port, free of taxes, but also free of taboos, they met with a perfect connection. Nowadays in this claw-like arm a world opens up to fishing, bystanders and even walkers that fish, they scrutinize and watch the sun set over there towards the “curved dam‘ and it is at this point that the colours become so strong that they get inside you, like a sound.