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The Promenade

Only after leaving Piazza Mazzini, heading south, does the city’s promenade actually begin. A stunning walkway designed to undergo construction during the early 1800s; based on the promenade at Chiaia in Naples and the Promenade des Anglais in Nice. The promenade in Livorno runs along the ancient cavalry route that linked the ancient coastal defence towers. These days the prom is a very busy and bustling place with its bicycles weaving in and out of the prams and joggers; a throng of intriguing people dressed in various and unusual ways along with vendors and folk just lazily passing the time of day amongst the solitary walkers or couples walking arm in arm. On one side the sea sometimes hidden by thick vegetation and on the other side the grand buildings from the 19th century, majestic and elegant, lit up by the rays of the sun till sun set.

After a recent severe pruning of the Mediterranean overgrowth a hidden seascape has been given back to the passers by. Discovering the promenade in Livorno is like immersing oneself in the population of Livorno that frequents the prom as a gesture of ownership: An essential place for those who wish to know the citizens and to get to know the city.