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The Queen’s Rock

Caressed by the mistral wind and accompanied by the presence of the old clock of the Luigi Orlando Shipyard we walk towards the Livorno waterfront. During the XIX century that very promenade made the city one of the most sought-after and prestigious summer tourist destinations. It is precisely in this area called the “Bellana” that in the XVIII century, a certain Baretti, found the beneficial properties of bathing in the algae of Livorno. The original idea had considerable fortune and in a few years the area was filled with small bathing establishments. Right here, behind a high gate, today one has access to the “Scoglio della Regina” which became the first “Bagno” (bathing resort) in Livorno, named after Queen Maria Luisa of Etruria, who frequented the area.

To avoid the crowds, the Regent used to go to this cliff, where she had a natural basin dug filled with sea water. Later, in the same place, the homonymous bathing resort was built. In a short time, right between the end of the XIX century and the beginning of the XX century Livorno gained the reputation of being “the first seaside resort in Tuscany and the European capital of summer holidays”.