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The Venice District

An island surrounded by canals with ramps descending towards the moorings and then the cellars. Warehouses at water’s edge, that are lost in underground mazes under the surface of historic buildings. The neighbourhood is located in the area of the “Fortezza Nuova” (New Fortress) built at the end of the XVII century which was later partially dismantled to make way for new urban settlements towards the end of the XVII century. The new quarter was occupied mainly by rich foreign merchants. Their presence was visible due to the noble palaces they built, which are open to the passersby.

As is Saint Catherine’s church with its famous altarpiece by Giorgio Vasari. The church is 63 metres in height and able to house the Leaning Tower of Pisa, priding its place in Livorno. Hit during the bombings of 1943, the neighborhood fell into near abandonment and decay, up until the early 1980s. Then the district came back to life transforming itself into an evocative stage of lights and colours reflected in the water of the canals during the summer event of “Effetto Venezia” (Venice Effect); a date now embedded amongst national events that enhances this magical and lively place, full of sounds and colours along with its typical and characteristic hostelries, where music is made, and conversation flies, offering the chance to get to know “La meglio gioventù” the best of Livornese youth.