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Livorno street art city

Livorno street art city

An astonishing and innovative artistic itinerary hunting for Livorno's urban artworks.

Livorno street art city

Livorno street art city

An astonishing and innovative artistic itinerary hunting for Livorno's urban artworks.

Discover Livorno through its colorful murals on an exclusive route that has turned the city into a true open-air museum

Did you know that the recent characterization of Street Art as an artistic channel and tool for the redevelopment of neighborhoods is making Livorno one of the new centers of national interest?
Not by chance, over the past few years, many buildings scattered in different neighborhoods of the city have become the canvas for the creation of an ever-increasing number of beautiful murals, which today make Livorno a small open-air museum, to be visited independently or through guided tours.
A real artistic itinerary, surprising and innovative, can be experienced through urban trekking to live and visit Livorno in an unconventional way, discovering a territory with an extraordinary and stimulating history that is reflected in the vibrant brushstrokes of its murals. If you want to venture out in search of some of the many artworks created in the city, we recommend two short routes of great interest, preferably to be done by bicycle.
So, what else can we say… Have a good trip!

Livorno street art city
Stappati, Zed1
Livorno street art city
Exit Enter
Livorno street art city
Olimpiadi di mare
Livorno street art city
Il Cioni
Livorno street art city
Pesce di libertà
Livorno street art city
Com'era verde questa piazza
Livorno street art city
Non gioconda
Livorno street art city
Routine tropicale

Route 1


Livorno, a crossroad of culture and history, will unveil itself to you through the murals that dot its streets. The city, famous for its openness to diversity and rich maritime tradition, will appear to you in a captivating mosaic of artistic expressions. An itinerary to be done by bike in about an hour, which will take you on a unique journey through the history of Livorno, through the eyes of urban artists.

  • When the air is missing • Where: Via Pompilia • Artist: Ligama. The first stop of this route is an immersion into the history of Amedeo Modigliani and Jeanne Hébuterne through a majestic mural by Ligama. The portrait of Jeanne Modigliani is indeed an ode to talent and reckless love, intertwining personal history with the vibrant artistic atmosphere of Livorno.
  • Mascagni Pop • Where: Scali delle cantine, 66 • Artist: El Rey de la Ruina Continua. Continuing, it will not be difficult for you to spot “Mascagni Pop”, a large hyper-contemporary portrait of Livornese composer Pietro Mascagni. A work by El Rey de la Ruina that captures the essence of a Livorno icon, a pillar of the city’s musical history.
  • Wisteria Flowers • Where: Scali delle Pietre • Artist: Ligama • Continuing towards Scali delle Pietre, you can admire “Wisteria Flowers”, a work in which Ligama represents the abstract laws of freedom, brotherhood, and friendship that are at the core of Livorno’s birth, highlighting the experimentation and openness that have characterized its history.
  • The Women of the Harbor • Where: Arena Astra, Piazza Luigi Orlando 39 • Artist: Nian • Heading towards L’Arena Astra in Piazza Luigi Orlando, you will have the opportunity to admire “The Women of the Harbor” by Nian: a mural dedicated to female work in the port of Livorno, offering a unique perspective of the city’s maritime history.
  • Mart and the Sea • Where: Via San Jacopo in Acquaviva • Artist: Mart • To conclude your first itinerary, head to Via San Jacopo in Acquaviva, where you will find “Mart and the Sea”. A work that pays tribute not only to Giovanni Fattori and the Macchiaioli movement but also to the nearby Villa Mimbelli Museum, offering a vision of Livorno’s artistic history indissolubly linked to the atmosphere and light of the Labronica coast.
Livorno street art city
Quando manca l’aria
Livorno street art city
Fiori di Glicine
Livorno street art city
Mascagni Pop
Livorno street art city
Le donne del porto

Route 2


The second route is a small itinerary in the heart of Livorno, a city that has always stood out for the values of solidarity, inclusion, and civil rights. An artistic itinerary in four stages, to be done on foot in about an hour and a half or, if desired, by bike, admiring some extraordinary murals that tell stories of diversity, growth, and equality.

These are not just works of art, but tangible testimonies of the social and cultural fabric of Livorno, a city that embraces diversity as its greatest strength.

  • Diana • Where: Rsa Bastia Passaponti, via Passaponti 33 • Artist: Gio Pistone • Your second route will start with a tribute to feminine strength symbolized by the Goddess Diana. A mural that celebrates equality and acceptance, transforming the Rsa into a space where the elderly share the company of the Goddess and her colors.
  • Olympics of the Sea • Where: Viale Carducci, 31 • Artist: Oblo • Your visit will continue with a mural that, evoking the iconography of ancient Greek ceramics, represents some figures of marine athletes engaged in imaginary Olympics of the Sea. A work that, placed at the entrance of a gym used for sports activities for disabled children, celebrates the union of art and sports, inviting reflection on creativity and inventiveness as tools for overcoming obstacles.
  • Matter of Interlocking • Where: Viale Nazario Sauro, 32/34 • Artist: Mr Thoms • At this point, you will have the opportunity to appreciate a mural that, symbolizing the path of foster care through interlocking pieces of wood, celebrates change, growth, and the strength of unity through shared learning and mutual support.
  • Queer Wall • Where: Odeon Park • Artist: Oblo • Your journey will end with a mural presenting sixteen well-known faces of the LGBTQ+ movement. A work designed to raise awareness among the public about the values of diversity and equality, creating a place of inclusion and representation.
Livorno street art city
Livorno street art city
Livorno street art city
Questione di incastri

Also visit the digital space dedicated to Livorno street art

The development of Livorno urban art has led to the creation of a dedicated website: Street Art Livorno. A digital environment where you can deepen your knowledge of some of the many murals located in the city in an immersive way.

How does it work? Don’t worry, it’s very simple to use: inside the Street Art Livorno portal you will find photos of the artworks accompanied by their locations, details, and information about the artists who created them. To experience the immersive augmented reality experience, just position yourself in front of the artwork and, after activating the camera on your smartphone, frame the portion indicated in the online photo. At this point, the game is done: the artwork will come to life before your eyes, leaving you with a unique and tangible memory of your urban trek in search of Livorno’s murals.

So, for more information and to enjoy the immersive experience, visit the website and discover everything there is to know about street art in Livorno.

Livorno street art city

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