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Achille’s path

Achille’s path

A unique experience among the paths of the Blessed Valley.

An 11 km excursion through the CAI 100, 121, 107 and 100 trails

The excursion starts from the village of Valle Benedetta, specifically from Via della Sambuca at its intersection with trail 100.

We follow this trail for about 200m and then turn left onto CAI 121, which we will follow for a few minutes until we reach the beginning of CAI 107 (Achille’s trail – in memory of Achille Luckenbach, the dean of environmental enthusiasts in our area). The 107 is one of the most beautiful trails in the entire trail network. Just 750m from the start of the excursion, we can leave the main trail for a short detour to the left that takes us to see the ruins of one of the three eighteenth-century windmills that stood on this hill. The ruin is not visitable as it is on private fenced property. Back on the 107, we continue until we reach another fence, which we leave on our right to begin a long descent that will take us to the bed of the Ugione stream.

The path takes place almost entirely within a beautiful high Mediterranean scrub that allows us to see on both sides of the trail, always clearly marked. Pay attention to some deviations that could be misleading both to the right and to the left, but usually well marked. In the last stretch, the trail runs parallel to an ancient cobblestone road, now impassable, which connected the Ugione valley with Le Parrane. Once we reach the stream at km 6.00, we have to ford it twice, describing a small U shape, to take CAI 100 on our left, heading towards the hermitage, which we reach at km 6.6.

After a refreshing stop on the meadows in front, we continue on the 100, which we leave at km 7.1 for a deviation to our right. The forest road we will follow is not a numbered CAI trail but is still part of the main road network in the Reserve. It is a very wide and comfortable dirt road that crosses a couple of streams that unfortunately periodically damage a few passages with their floods. At km 8.4, we reconnect with CAI 100B, which we take on our left, and reach a large clearing with picnic tables at km 9.7, and then reach the intersection with CAI 100 at km 10.1. We continue for just over a km to finally reach the starting point.

Starting point
Via della Sambuca (CAI 100)
Km 11,2 km – Sentieri CAI 100>121>107>100
 3h 45’
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Achille’s path
Achille’s path
Chiesa di San Giovanni Gualberto
Achille’s path
Esterno, Chiesa di San Giovanni Gualberto
Achille’s path
Achille’s path

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    Alone, Children and families, Groups, In pairs, With friends

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    Autumn, Spring, Summer

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    Connect with nature, Do activities

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    Free, Outdoors, Without reservation

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