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Hike from Maroccone to the Balcony of the Monachine

Hike from Maroccone to the Balcony of the Monachine

Discovering a balcony on the Tuscan Archipelago

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A panoramic route of 10.5 km along the CAI 144, 146, and 146 M trails

This excursion consists, for the most part, of a round-trip on the same trails aimed at reaching one of the most beautiful panoramic viewpoints on the southern coast of Livorno.

You start in the Maroccone area where you can park in designated spaces along SS1. The start of the CAI 144 is well indicated near an underpass of the railway and, after passing through a section between private houses, the wide and easily passable trail begins to climb. After about 2.5 km, you intersect with the CAI 146 which you continue on until you reach Via di Quercianella at kilometer 3.7. On the opposite side of the road, the trail continues on a false flat until it intersects with the right fork for 146 M. The trail becomes narrow and, before reaching SP 9 again, you have to overcome a steep section that requires attention.

After a brief section of asphalt, the loop starts on the right and, at kilometer 5.4, it takes us to the Monachine balcony (a place name probably given to the area by charcoal burners who used to form charcoal piles on these hills and were seen and described from a distance as nuns in classic dark clothes). From this beautiful panoramic point, we can admire the coastline, Castel Sonnino, the Tuscan Archipelago, and, in the best conditions, even see Corsica. We then continue counterclockwise on the 146M, completing this short loop and returning to SP9. From this point, we just have to retrace the same route we took on the way there, which will lead us back to the starting point.

Starting point
Località Maroccone
Km 10,5 km – Sentieri CAI 144> 146 >146 M
Altitude difference
400 mt
Duration 3h
CAI guide  Importante leggere
Hike from Maroccone to the Balcony of the Monachine
Hike from Maroccone to the Balcony of the Monachine
Vista dall'alto di Castel Sonnino

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    Alone, Groups, In pairs

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    Autumn, Spring, Summer

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    Connect with nature, Do activities

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    Free, Outdoors, Without reservation

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