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How to train your dog in rescue operations

How to train your dog in rescue operations

Tenuta Bellavista Insuese

Experience a unique day with your four-legged friend

If you and your dog are in harmony, this experience is perfect for you. An educational and stimulating adventure in both theoretical and practical training for rescue dogs, especially in the search for potentially lost individuals in the woods, held at the magnificent Tenuta Bellavista Insuese. The main goal of the course is to strengthen and improve the communication and bond between you and your dog, while also promoting the health and happiness of your loyal companion. Throughout the course, you’ll have the chance to dive deep into the world of search and rescue dogs, learning not only about their characteristics and abilities but also mastering techniques to train your four-legged friends to effectively handle emergency situations. The training’s first module is based on the principles of positive reinforcement, an effective and respectful methodology that focuses on teaching essential commands in an engaging and motivating way. Discover how to enhance your relationship with your dog through effective training techniques.

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Price information

  • €45.00 for 4 hours.

Dates and times

  • 8:00 am – 5:00 pm.
  • From 02/01 to 09/14.

FAQ / good to know

  • Minimum of 5 people.

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