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Mini cruise with guided tour of Gorgona Island

Mini cruise with guided tour of Gorgona Island

Toscana Trekking

Embark on an extraordinary journey to discover the last prison island in Europe

Get ready to explore Gorgona, one of the most exclusive and least visited islands in the Mediterranean. Not only is it the smallest and northernmost island of the Tuscan Archipelago, it also remains the last prison island in Europe, where the ideal of rehabilitation detention has been successfully applied for decades. You will experience something so unusual compared to standard tourist fare that the necessary bureaucratic formalities mandated by prison regulations will seem trivial compared to the beauty you’re about to witness. This unique opportunity allows you to immerse yourself in the reality and history of a place that has inspired countless legends and stories, revealing the breathtaking landscapes and spectacular views of untouched nature.

Departing from the Medici Port of Livorno, after just over an hour of comfortable sailing aboard the fast ship La Superba, a yacht where you will be pampered and entertained, we will reach the small harbor of Gorgona. Here, our guides will handle the bureaucratic formalities related to the Prison House before taking you to the Officers’ Canteen. After a short break, we will proceed in small groups along an easy walking route that will take you to visit, always accompanied by guides, the northern and western parts of the island. Enjoy your packed lunch in the shade of a holm oak grove, then continue the journey to the Torre Vecchia, an ancient watchtower perched over the sea built in the 13th century by the Pisans, when the island was under their control. Once back at the charming harbor, at the discretion of the prison, you can finally enjoy a refreshing swim in the island’s crystal-clear waters before completing the exit formalities and boarding the motor vessel for the return to Livorno.

Book your guided visit to the Island of Gorgona now and prepare for an adventure that will be etched in your memories.

Bring along

  • It is recommended to carry a daily backpack with enough water supply; wear light sportswear and hiking or running shoes for walking.

FAQ / good to know

  • Since the island is entirely within the prison, individual movement on the territory or straying from the group during the visit is NOT possible.
  • It is NOT possible to disembark with cameras, video cameras, or cell phones, which will be collected before disembarking.
  • Swimming is possible at the discretion of the Prison Administration.
  • Sailing times may vary depending on maritime and port conditions, and the company reserves the right to modify arrival and departure times.
  • 2 months before: confirmation or reduction of the number of reserved places; if not confirmed, the option expires.
  • 30 days before: submission of the already confirmed names (name, surname, mobile, place, and date of birth), additions will be accepted later.
  • 12 days before: final submission of the participants’ personal data (name, surname, mobile, place, and date of birth), from this moment the data are not replaceable except in exceptional cases.
  • From 4 days before the trip: in case of cancellation, no show, or denial by the Prison, loss of the entire participation fee except the €6.00 park ticket
  • The carrier declines any responsibility for damages caused to the Passenger by the delay or non-performance of transport if the event results from unforeseen circumstances, force majeure, adverse weather-marine conditions, strikes, and technical failures constituting force majeure or other causes not attributable to it, and in any case in compliance with articles 402, 403, 404, and 408 of the Navigation Code and EU Regulation No. 1177/2010
  • To disembark at Gorgona, it is necessary to send the personal details of each participant: name, surname (including maiden name for ladies), place and date of birth, mobile number, which will be forwarded to the Penitentiary Administration for SDI checks. It is also mandatory to show a valid ID upon disembarkation. If the checks reveal any pending charges against a passenger, they will NOT be allowed to disembark on the island.


  • Easy hike, partially shaded.
  • Trail length approximately 6 to 10 km.
  • Average uphill elevation gain 250 m.
  • Average walking time 3h 30m.

Required equipment

  • Without suitable shoes, the visit will NOT be possible.

Price information

  • Children up to 4 years free.
  • Children up to 12 years €30.00.
  • Saturday – Monday: Adults €52.00.
  • Sunday: adults €62.00.

Meeting point

  • Elba Dock of the Medici Port of Livorno (fenced area in front of the Coast Guard).

Dates and times

  • 01/10-31/03 departure from Livorno at 08:15, return to Livorno around 16:30
  • 01/04-31/05 departure from Livorno at 08:15, return to Livorno around 18:30
  • 01/06-30/09 departure from Livorno at 07:45, return to Livorno around 19:30
  • From the second Sunday in October to 31 March: Saturday and Monday, from 01 April to the second Sunday in October: Saturday, Sunday, and Monday

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