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Sweets from Livorno

Sweets from Livorno

Discover the sweet side of Livornese cuisine

The sweet delights of Livornese gastronomy

If, while visiting Livorno, you happen to come across one of the many city’s pastry shops and bakeries, seize the opportunity to experience the genuine simplicity, popular and sincere, of its sweet tradition.

Savor the tradition of Sweet Bread with Zibibbo

The most lovable and lesser-known sweet that will captivate you is undoubtedly the Sweet Bread with Zibibbo, better known in the city by the vernacular term “Topa“. It is a simple sweetened bread roll characterized by a soft leavened base, enriched with a handful of Zibibbo raisins (much larger than normal) that give it a unique taste and character.

Sweets from Livorno

The Easter Queen: the Livorno schiacciata

As Easter approaches, Livorno fills with the enveloping aroma of its schiacciata. This dome-shaped sweet, which is actually not flattened at all, is a timeless classic. Its secret? Anise. A typical ingredient from Livorno that is often not only a protagonist in the kitchen but also in the liquor tradition. Just think of Liquore al Sassolino, complement to “rumme” in the “Ponce mezzo e mezzo,” one of the most beloved variations of the classic Ponce alla livornese.

Sweets from Livorno

The Livorno chestnut cake: autumn bites

Last but not least, the Castagnaccio. A recipe that, although widespread throughout Tuscany, has a special touch in Livorno: rosemary. Made with chestnut flour, pine nuts, and raisins, this rustic and unique autumnal dessert, also served as street food by the Livorno bakers in addition to the 5&5, is a typical experience that will stimulate your taste buds.

Sweets from Livorno

The frataio: a tempting corner in Piazza Cavallotti

Among the enveloping scents and colors of Piazza Cavallotti, just steps away from the Mercato delle Vettovaglie, amidst the fruit and vegetable stalls, there is a corner where you can indulge your sweet tooth. An artisanal fry shop that jealously guards two recipes that Livorno has taken possession of: the “Bomboloni” and the “Frati”. Fried delights of sweet dough to be enjoyed while still warm, sprinkled with sugar. A pleasure that for many borders on the mystical. And it doesn’t end there: during carnival time, let yourself be tempted by the “Cenci” and the “Frittelle di Riso”, your palate will thank you.

Sweets from Livorno

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