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Capraia’s wines and beers

Capraia’s wines and beers

Flavors and traditions in a glass

Capraia’s wines and beers

Capraia’s wines and beers

Flavors and traditions in a glass

The wines of the island: sips of pleasure

Wine lovers and craft beer enthusiasts, you are in luck! Capraia is an unmissable destination for those who want to immerse themselves in the unmistakable flavors of the island’s terroir and the skill of its producers. This island, with its privileged position 52 meters above sea level, bathed in the warm reflections of crystalline waters and the breeze of the sea, gives the local wines a distinctive mineral quality, making them unique in their kind. The richness of flora and fauna, moreover, due to its isolated position and Mediterranean climate, not only enriches the natural beauty of the island, but also influences the aromatic profiles of its wines and beers, creating an unforgettable sensory experience.

Among the many precious wines produced in our province, some excellences emerge. The Cristino, for example, is a refined passito red wine obtained from Aleatico grapes. Furthermore, there is the Rosa della Piana, a fresh and light rosé wine, also derived from Aleatico grapes, which offers a different but equally fascinating tasting experience. For white wine lovers, the Palmazio, made from Vermentino grapes, represents a fresh and lively choice, ideal as an aperitif or to accompany typical island dishes, especially those based on fish.

The beers of Capraia: Mediterranean aromas in a bottle

The craft beers of Capraia are a separate chapter in this food and wine narrative. These beers capture the essence of the Mediterranean vegetation, offering a range of aromas and flavors that range from blanche to helichrysum, from IPA to blonde with honey, to red bitter. Each variety tells a different story, evoking the scents and colors of the island, and representing a perfect complement to the local wines.

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