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Dive into Capraia

Diving in Capraia

An unforgettable experience

Discover the underwater magic of the island of Capraia

Among the many natural wonders that the Island of Capraia is able to offer you, the sea and its seabeds are certainly among the most exciting and exclusive. As the third largest island in the Tuscan Archipelago National Park, it is a true paradise for snorkeling and diving enthusiasts, immersed in the largest protected marine area in the Mediterranean, the Sanctuary of Cetaceans, where biodiversity is expressed in all its splendid richness.

Its transparent waters that fade into deep blue, with visibility up to 40 meters, will offer you an enchanting journey into an underwater realm of unparalleled beauty. Snorkeling peacefully with mask and snorkel, you will discover a rich and diverse ecosystem made up of different underwater environments where, among caves, rocky clefts, sandy bottoms, colorful algae carpets, sponges, and seagrass meadows, every inch of water is a microcosm waiting to be explored.

There are numerous species of Mediterranean marine fauna that you can admire in their natural habitat: cephalopods, mollusks, crustaceans, bream, mullets, dentex, amberjacks, groupers, sea breams, corvina, and much more.

Some of the island’s marine caves are also still frequented by the Mediterranean Monk Seal, a critically endangered species and one of the rarest and elusive in our seas. It may not be easy to spot, but it’s nice to know that it’s there and that it continues to choose Capraia as one of its preferred destinations.

Il Miglio Blu, the trail in the sea for swimtrekking and snorkeling

Don’t miss the Miglio Blu, a protected sea corridor that guarantees swimtrekking and snorkeling enthusiasts a 1,100-meter-long and 25-meter-wide route, marked by 22 luminous buoys, safe from boat navigation and mooring. This stretch of sea extends along the island’s coast, from the Grotta, beneath the Torre del Porto, to beyond the Torretta del Bagno, beneath Fortezza San Giorgio.

Dive into Capraia
Dive into Capraia
Attinia rossa
Dive into Capraia
Dive into Capraia

A sea of diving services

The specialized facilities for underwater activities on the island of Capraia are able to offer a complete range of services, equipment and courses designed to ensure the comfort, safety, and satisfaction of diving enthusiasts. On the island, you will be welcomed by professionals and instructors who will share their secrets and passion for the Capraia’s seabed with you, in a serene and familiar atmosphere full of fun.

Dive into Capraia

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    Alone, Children and families, Groups, In pairs, With friends

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    Spring, Summer

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    Connect with nature, Do activities

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    Outdoors, Reachable by public transport

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