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Livorno: a sea of activities for all tastes

Livorno: a sea of activities for all tastes

Answer the call of the sea

Are you looking for unforgettable emotions?

Livorno offers you memorable adventures ready to be checked off your “experience checklist”. All you have to do is answer the call of the sea and choose the activity that’s right for you.

For authenticity lovers: Pescaturismo

Do you want to spend a day on an authentic fishing boat alongside Livorno’s fishermen? Starting from the Old Docks of the Medici port early in the morning, after casting the nets the previous evening, whether you dedicate yourself to sport fishing or a healthy relaxation among the waves, you will be transported along the coast, listening to the stories and anecdotes of professional fishermen. But the highlight of the adventure will be the on-board dining. You will have the opportunity to participate in the preparation of the fish that you have just caught, from cleaning to filleting, and finally, the magical transformation into delicious local recipes.

For explorers: diving in the Magical Mile

If you are passionate about diving or wishing to explore the underwater world with expert guides, Livorno is the perfect place for you. Whether immersing yourself independently or taking advantage of the services offered by local diving centers, one thing is certain: you will experience an unparalleled underwater experience in the famous “magical mile“: a marvelous stretch of coast characterized by rocky seabed, canyons and hidden caves where, among a rich marine fauna of Mediterranean fish species, the Livorno red coral thrives and shines.

Livorno: a sea of activities for all tastes
Corallo rosso Livorno

For sensation seekers: surfing and kitesurfing

Whether you are beginners or already experts, the power of the sea in Livorno is the gateway to a world of high-adrenaline water thrills! In fact, not everyone knows that Livorno is home to a thriving community of surfers who, when the wind allows, gather around the Tre Ponti beach, just a stone’s throw from the city center, to ride the waves crashing onto the coast or for a peaceful paddle on a sup board. An experience that will make you feel more alive than ever!

The wind and the seabed formation in this stretch of coast offer ideal conditions not only for surfing but also for kitesurfing. Allowing yourself to be lifted by the large kite sail, admiring Livorno from above and then gliding back down, zooming between the waves, will offer you a whirlwind of sensations not to be missed.

Are you beginners or lacking equipment? Don’t worry. At the surf centers in the area, you will find professional instructors and well-equipped rentals ready to provide you with all the support you need to master and enjoy these exciting disciplines.

Livorno: a sea of activities for all tastes

For the more adventurous: sailing in the sea of Livorno

Want to cast off and dedicate yourself to a sailing holiday? Livorno offers that too. Various local charter companies offer personalized sailing experiences to the most enchanting destinations of the Tuscan Archipelago. From a few hours outing to a week-long adventure, you will feel the wind in your hair and the sea spray on your skin as you explore incredible marine destinations, perhaps guided by experienced skippers who are at your disposal to share stories and information.

If you desire a short but intense experience, you can opt for a half-day excursion or a full-day excursion. It will be the perfect opportunity to set sail towards the island of Capraia or the island of Elba, discovering cliffs, white sandy beaches, and crystal-clear waters, in one of the most beautiful stretches of the Tyrrhenian Sea.

But why limit yourself? If you have more time, why not plan a week-long sailing trip to Corsica, whose magical northern coast is easily reachable from Livorno in a few hours?

So indulge in a voyage through the unspoiled natural beauty of this stretch of sea, experiencing a complete maritime adventure that will take you, riding the waves, to secluded bays where you can swim, go snorkeling, or simply relax while admiring the panorama.

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