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Capraia’s Squid Festival

Capraia’s Squid Festival

Discover Capraia's iconic and beloved seafood event

Capraia’s Squid Festival

Capraia’s Squid Festival

Discover Capraia's iconic and beloved seafood event

From sea to table: all about squid!

The Sagra del Totano (Squid Festival) of Capraia is an event that has enchanted enthusiasts and visitors for over two decades, offering a unique combination of sports, culture, and culinary delights. If you are planning a relaxing weekend between the end of October and the beginning of November, during the peak fishing season, we recommend keeping an eye on the event calendar so you can fully enjoy the flavors and tastes of the island of Capraia. The Totano is indeed the squid of the people of Capraia, a cephalopod mollusk rich in minerals, low in fat and calories, famous for its excellent quality meat that, when cooked properly, is delicious, tender, and delicate.

What to expect during the Sagra del Totano of Capraia

The first day of the festival opens with a spectacular Squid Fishing Competition, where expert and amateur fishermen, divided into various categories, compete in an exciting challenge that starts at sea and concludes on land. The sight of the numerous fleet of sailboats and motorboats departing from the harbor is breathtaking, and the equally exciting moment of weighing the catch takes place at La Salata, an ancient outpost of the prison on the harbor, where the winners of the competition are determined.

The following day, the port of Capraia transforms into an open-air restaurant. Local associations and chefs collaborate to offer an unparalleled gastronomic experience. Along the docks, you can enjoy an astonishing variety of squid-based dishes: from the classic fried calamari to squid risotto, and innovative dishes like squid couscous, squid lasagna, and even squid arancini. Creativity knows no bounds, and every year the people of Capraia offer new recipes ready to delight the palates of participants and visitors.

But that’s not all. The Sagra del Totano is also strongly focused on promoting sustainability. Responsible fishing and respect for the marine environment are at the heart of the event, which celebrates not only food but also the importance of preserving the island’s ecosystem for future generations.

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