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Visiting the last master shipwright: Fulvio Pacitto

Visiting the last master shipwright: Fulvio Pacitto

Fulvio Pacitto

A Unique Journey into the World of the Last Master Shipwright

Visiting Master Pacitto’s workshop is truly an unforgettable experience! Known as the last Livornese master shipwright, Pacitto is a truly unique and multifaceted individual: not only a skilled craftsman and builder of wooden boats but also a captivating storyteller, a spinner of tales, a bard of the Livorno tradition who will enchant you with folk songs and local stories.

Stepping into his workshop, you will be immersed in a world where time seems to stand still. Here, among the scent of wood and the sound of tools, Pacitto will reveal you the secrets of his craft, sharing how his passion for wooden boats was kindled; as a child, he was fascinated by watching the repairs of small boats (navicelli) on the scalandroni of the Venezia district.

Make no mistake, you will be fascinated. Every corner of his workshop awaits to tell you a different story, each tool bearing witness to the passion and dedication required to create these floating works of art. From his first creation, a three-meter skiff, crafted at just 17 years old in his grandmother’s back room.

Ask now for availability for a visit to Fulvio Pacitto’s workshop and dive into the maritime tradition of Livorno.

Meeting point

  • Cantina delle Scali della cantine 47 – Livorno.

Dates and times

  • 10 a.m. – visit duration 1 hour – 12 noon – visit duration 1 hour.
  • Every Tuesday and Saturday (year-round).

Price information

  • Voluntary contribution.

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