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The Fortezza Nuova

New Fortress

A fortified island in the city center sea

The Fortezza Nuova

New Fortress

A fortified island in the city center sea

A fortified island in the center of Livorno

While strolling along the streets of downtown Livorno, you will come across a hidden corner of history: the New Fortress. The younger sister of the Old Fortress, this magnificent fortified complex, completely surrounded by the sea, will enchant you and invite you to discover an unexpected green lung hidden behind imposing walls. From here, you can enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view of the canals of the Venice and Pontino neighborhoods and the adjacent Republic Square.

A fortress that played a major role in Livorno’s history

Built on the orders of Grand Duke Ferdinando II de’ Medici with the aim of strengthening the defenses of the port city of Livorno, the New Fortress was erected starting from 1590, based on the project by the architect Bernardo Buontalenti, and continued for decades under the guidance of renowned architects and engineers.

One of its most fascinating features is the unique pentagonal plan from whose vertices, armed with cannons, the city was protected from various directions. The beautiful entrance, surrounded by a defensive enclosure topped with corner towers, is connected to the mainland by an ancient three-arched bridge that replaced a previous drawbridge. Crossing it, you will truly feel like entering another era.

Over the years, it has served as a barracks and later a warehouse. During World War II, it suffered severe damage due to aerial bombings, which resulted in the destruction of most of the internal structures.

Culture within walls: an open-air stage

Today, in addition to being a public park where you can stroll and take photos in the enchanting atmosphere of the city, the Fortezza Nuova welcomes and promotes city culture in all its forms. Inside its ancient walls, a large number of events and festivals take place every year: art exhibitions, concerts, and performances.

The Fortezza Nuova

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