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Livorno’s entertainment venues

Livorno’s entertainment venues

Entertainment and theatrical art

Theater, music and sports: a vibrant scene

Livorno is a city that offers a wide range of events and performances in theater, music, and sports. In addition to the major events organized by the Municipal Administration, there are indeed numerous theater companies active in the city, each of which organizes its own season of shows and initiatives every year. But the Livorno scene doesn’t stop at theater, there are many venues that offer unforgettable evenings, where music lovers can be carried away by the notes of emerging and internationally renowned artists. The sports scene, moreover, is a succession of events that involve enthusiasts of every discipline.

The Modigliani Forum, a multifunctional sports palace

If you arrive in Livorno from the highway or the FI PI LI expressway and see a blue dome emerging from the eastern outskirts of the city, you will be near the Modigliani Forum: one of the main entertainment venues in Tuscany, along with the Mandela Forum in Florence. Built at the initiative of the municipal administration starting from 1988, following a public survey launched by the local newspaper Il Tirreno, it was named after the famous Livornese artist Amedeo Modigliani. However, the Livornese, always ironic, continue to call it “Palapuppa” due to its external shape resembling a female breast. Characterized by the largest laminated wood roof in Europe, with a total surface area of 10,000 m2, an arena of 2,000 m2, and a capacity of over 9,000 spectators, the Modigliani Forum is the largest sports palace in Tuscany. Inside, in addition to the arena and technical facilities, there are eight changing rooms for athletes and referees and several rooms used for various purposes.

Livorno’s entertainment venues
Modigliani Forum
Livorno’s entertainment venues
Interno Modigliani Forum

Welcome to the New Theater of Comedies

In the heart of Livorno, under the shadow of the Cisternone and just a few steps from the prestigious Palazzo de Larderel, you will find the New Theater of Comedies. A small and dynamic space that takes its name from Livorno’s oldest theater, now disappeared: the seventeenth-century Stanzone delle Commedie that stood near the port of Livorno. Instead, the New Theater of Comedies is located inside the Gherardesca complex, an ancient institution known in the city as the Pia Casa di Lavoro, designed to accommodate the city’s poorest people who were offered theater and musical shows in addition to hospitality. Constructed between 1844 and 1861 according to the design by architect Alessandro Gherardesca and completed by architect Angiolo della Valle, after a very long period of inactivity and abandonment, the complex and its theater were reopened starting from 1979. Since then, thanks to a progressive restoration supported by the municipal administration, part of the complex has been transformed into a multifunctional cultural area.

Livorno’s entertainment venues
Hangar Creativi
Livorno’s entertainment venues
Hangar Creativi

The Creative Hangars, from urban regeneration to an oasis of creativity and innovation in Livorno

Since 2021, just a few steps away from the famous Terrazza Mascagni and in front of Villa Mimbelli, in a former depot of the old public transport company where the sounds of buses used to echo, today the voices of young people and new cultural trends are heard. We are talking about the Creative Hangars, an urban regeneration project born from the commitment of the Municipality of Livorno, with the financial support of the Tuscany Region and the collaboration of private partners. The project has created a multifunctional space available to businesses, associations and initiatives that focus their activities on art, culture, creativity, and technological innovation with particular attention to the younger generations.

Livorno’s entertainment venues
Nuovo Teatro delle Commedie
Livorno’s entertainment venues
Livorno’s entertainment venues
Palco, Nuovo Teatro delle Commedie

The Cage Theatre, the rock heart of Livorno

Located inside Villa Corridi Theater owned by the Municipality of Livorno, The Cage is one of the best Italian clubs, renowned throughout Europe for its innovative and diverse live music program. Every year it attracts thousands of rock lovers and has hosted many nationally and internationally acclaimed artists: Punkreas, Shandon, Melvins, Leg Wagon, Carmen Consoli, Arisa, One Dimensional Man, Bandabardò, Tonino Carotone, Motorpsycho, Subsonica, Bugo, Modena City Ramblers, Maneskin, and many others. The Cage not only offers concerts and live music, but also dj sets, theater courses, and summer camps for children, in collaboration with various local associations.

Livorno’s entertainment venues
The Cage

The constellation of Livorno, art and culture that illuminate

Constellation“, a word that encompasses multiple worlds and ways of representing the creativity and vital energy of the performing arts. Created in 2023, it is an association that brings together the most renowned theater companies in the territory, all driven by a deep passion for art and live performance. Despite each maintaining its own identity, experiences, specificities, and paths, together they enrich the cultural scene of Livorno, ready to respond to every kind of need.

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