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The Naval Academy of Livorno

The Naval Academy.

of Livorno

A journey into the history and maritime excellence of Italy

From the church of San Jacopo in Acquaviva, heading south along the seafront promenade for about a kilometer, you will pass the tall wrought iron gates of another civic pride: the Naval Academy of Livorno. An institution of excellence in higher education of the Italian Navy, where tradition and innovation come together to prepare naval officers for the challenges of the sea. Established in 1881, near Terrazza Mascagni, the Academy is a symbol of culture, discipline, and technological advancement where Italian naval history intertwines with the most modern techniques of navigation and military strategy.

The Naval Academy of Livorno
L'Amerigo Vespucci all'orizzonte

A heritage between history and modernity

Established by the then Minister of the Navy, Admiral Benedetto Brin, with the aim of unifying the training of officers, it has since gone through various phases, adapting and evolving over time in response to political, technological and strategic changes, but always maintaining a very high level of education.

The complex, designed by architect Francesco Cantini, extends over an area of over 200,000 square meters, a true nineteenth-century architectural colossus that fascinates visitors and enthusiasts. Inside, the structure houses 58 buildings, used for various operational functions: dormitories, offices, mess halls, classrooms, technological laboratories, navigation simulators, a vast library with a rich heritage of maritime texts, a chapel, 2 harbors, numerous sports facilities, a hospital and even a buried brigantine, all designed to offer officer cadets a complete and stimulating learning experience.

The first-year cadets of the Naval Academy of Livorno, during the summer months are embarked on the Amerigo Vespucci Training Ship, another great pride of the Italian Navy. A sailing ship, universally recognized as the “most beautiful ship in the world”, often moored in the Port of Livorno, which offers cadets the unique opportunity to apply their acquired knowledge in open sea.

Every year, on the occasion of Navy Day, on June 9th, the Academy opens its doors to the general public. A unique opportunity that will allow you to explore various environments and structures: the Pine Avenue, the Anchors Square, the Gallery and the Cadets Square, the Shrine, the Buried Brigantine and the Ships Corridor.

June 9th is not the only occasion to discover the Naval Academy of Livorno. The Marina Palace can be visited on different occasions throughout the year, such as the International Sailing Week, for example. The openings are usually announced a month in advance on the Italian Navy’s website dedicated to public events. Any requests for group visits can be sent to the Foreign Relations Office of the Italian Navy.

The Naval Academy of Livorno
Accademia Navale vista aerea

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