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Piazza della Repubblica

Piazza della Repubblica: Republic Square

The widest bridge in Europe awaits you!

Piazza della Repubblica

Piazza della Repubblica: Republic Square

The widest bridge in Europe awaits you!

Discover the story of Voltone

Get ready for a leap into the 19th century, when the rulers of Livorno, wanting to connect the historic center to the new suburbs beyond the Fosso Reale, commissioned architects Luigi Bettarini and Mario Chietti to develop two alternative solutions. After some adjustments, the project of Bettarini prevailed, giving shape to the current Piazza della Repubblica: a large elliptical covered bridge placed perpendicularly to the axis of via Ferdinanda, now via Grande. Originally called Piazza dei Granduchi as a tribute to the Florentine dynasty, Piazza della Repubblica changed its name several times, from Carlo Alberto di Savoia until its current denomination after the 1946 referendum.

And for the people of Livorno? For them, it’s simply the “Voltone“, referring to the large vault that covers the Fosso Reale.

The square that is not a square

This unique urban space is both a square and above all a bridge that connects the center of Livorno to the rest of the city. The people of Livorno boast about it, emphasizing how the square is actually the “widest bridge in Europe“. By walking across it, it will feel like walking on a piece of the city’s history, as the pavement still hides ancient shops and underground premises today. Looking up, you can admire two imposing statues of Ferdinando III and Leopoldo II, created by the masters Francesco Pozzi and Emilio Santarelli in honor of the Medici Grand Dukes.

The square visible even from below

Once you arrive at Piazza della Repubblica, you will have several options in front of you: from the lively Via Grande, to the historic Via De Larderel, to the lush panorama of the Fortezza Nuova, and the picturesque neighborhood of Venezia Nuova with the imposing skyline of the dome of Santa Caterina.

But the real experience to try is enjoying a view of the square “from below”. With a boat excursion, you will navigate through reflections and water games along the underlying tunnel, perceiving the silhouette of the Fortezza Nuova and then discovering some of the most characteristic corners of the ancient neighborhoods of Livorno.

Piazza della Repubblica
Passaggio sotto il "Voltone", Piazza della Repubblica

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