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The Nuova Venezia district

The New Venice

Discovering the heart of Livorno

Immerse yourself in the soul of old Livorno

Walking among bridges, alleys, canals, and along the stairs in front of the cellars, let yourself be enchanted by the unique charm of Venezia Nuova, one of the most iconic places in the city of Livorno, capable of capturing the imagination of anyone who visits.

Venezia, as the Livornese call it, is a rare example of a 17th-century mercantile district built entirely on water, one of the few in all of Europe to have preserved intact a large part of its urban and architectural vestiges.

Between one constructed island and another, retracing the “fossi” (formerly defensive moats) along which goods flowed to and from the port, surrounded by ancient palaces erected between the two Medici Fortresses in Livorno – the Old Fortress and the New Fortress – you will hear the echoes of the many merchants, port workers, nobles, and commoners who inhabited it over the centuries, whose stories still live on in every stone, every corner, and every reflection of water.

The sea level is undoubtedly the best perspective from which to admire Venezia. Every day, numerous boat excursions along the canals depart from its docks. When visiting Livorno, do not miss the unique pleasure of this exciting experience.

Experience the charm of Venice… in Livorno!

The abolition of customs duties and the inclusive policies enacted by the Medici Grand Dukes starting from 1500 made Livorno a thriving commercial center that attracted merchants and people from all over the world. With the resulting population increase, it became necessary to build a new neighborhood that could meet the needs of an emerging and prosperous merchant class. The chosen area, adjacent to the port, was partially submerged by the sea. This made it necessary to employ techniques and labor imported directly from the Venetian lagoon, which eventually resulted in the neighborhood being identified with the name “Venezia Nuova”.

Completed between 1629 and 1645, in the 18th century Venezia Nuova reached its peak splendor. From this era, the two most representative churches of the neighborhood are the Church of San Ferdinando Re, which belonged to the religious order of the Trinitarians, and the octagonal-shaped Church of Santa Caterina, which was instead erected by the Dominicans. Testimonies of an era in which art and faith merged in a perfect embrace.

The Nuova Venezia district

A neighborhood pulsing with life, today as yesterday

La Venezia is not only an expression of its past, but also a lively and vibrant experience in the present. The neighborhood continues to be one of the most vibrant and frequented places in the city. Tranquil and serene during the day, it changes its face in the evening: its streets, alleys, bridges, and canal banks come alive with tourists and locals attracted to the many characteristic restaurants and bars that have revitalized the old cellars and ground floors of the commercial buildings.

Also not to be missed is “Effetto Venezia“: a 5-day event, during the first week of August, that transforms the neighborhood into an open-air stage, offering a program full of musical, cultural, and theatrical performances of various kinds.

If you also want to enjoy a glimpse of typical Livorno life and history, inside one of the ancient pilasters of the old Ponte di Santa Trinità, take a look inside the headquarters of the Sezione Nautica Venezia: it is one of the most prestigious cellars of the rowing tradition of Livorno.

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